Essential Oils and Why I Love Them

Have you ever caught a scent of something that triggered a wonderful memory?  I’m guessing the answer is probably yes.  For many of us the sense of smell not only captivates, but it evokes a specific time in our lives that hopefully is a fond recollection.  I created Beautiart soaps wanting to make sure I used a pure fragrance, nothing synthetic or “fake” that is unidentifiable. Essential oils are the only scents I use because they are strictly from nature. When I select my oils I have images pop into my mind, like sitting on a front porch with friends and peeling open a juicy  tangerine, driving by a beautiful field of lavender the windows open and the sun shining, or walking into the home of a loved one and capturing the smell of eucalyptus sitting in a beautiful vase. These are specific scents that are not manufactured, they are real and honest and true. There are an infinite number of fabricated fragrance oils that can be mixed and matched, and some will smell delightful, but it won’t capture me. I like to be able to know the genesis of a scent, that it may have been a part of my history, perhaps it will spark something and take me down a lovely path of beautiful memories…I hope it does that for you.

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