Why Handcrafted Is A Labor Of Love 


When I started making soap, I would try different designs constantly, then I’d think of some other design and before you knew it, I would have 20 various soaps staring me in the face.  Whoa, I have GOT to get a grip, narrow it down, see what looks and feels best to me.   There is no way, I will be able to control myself and not add more designs, different essential oils and a variant of colors to my collection.  I just love it too much to not add to the mix!

I want to share with you what I love the most.  It’s the surprise element of my handcrafted finished soap. When it’s ready to be cut I get the full aroma of the essential oils and the true color and design of the finished product.  Making my Beautiart Soaps I can get a fairly good idea of how they’ll turn out, but not until they’re dry will I get the true effect, and that’s the fun part, most of the time.  One of my soaps that holds the most surprise for me is my Rainbow Swirl soap http://beautiartsoaps.com/product/rainbow-swirl-2/ because the way it’s poured is not a science, just an artistic endeavor that will never come out looking the exact same way twice, that’s why I enjoy making it so much! Then there are times when I anticipate the best, and admittedly, get a lot less than that- then it’s back to the drawing board all over again. However,  there Is always a lesson learned from that, so no harm actually done! Happily there are the moments of glory when I hold a creation and say to myself “oh yeah baby, this turned out like a fine wine on a cool breezy evening!”

Being a person of a creative nature, change has always intrigued me.  I love the possibility of what might be.  This to me is the essence of a handcrafted item.  You may never be certain what the outcome will be, but if you go with your instincts and adore what you do, it’s a true labor of love and you’re never wasting a moment.

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  1. Diane Dilemani says:

    Thank you Rachel, I’m so glad you love the silkiness of the soap, and because there are no sulfates, you’re not stripping your skin of its natural oils! Thanks for being a customer and remember… Stay Silky Naturally!

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