Thought Bubbles

There’s nothing nicer than  getting a lovely compliment on a product that you gave birth to.  I believe people are genuinely kind and are good spirited.  So when a potential customer says to me “these soaps are so pretty, I’d hate to use them!” a gigantic thought bubble emerges that says “noooooooo, not the dreaded I’d hate to use them, they’re so pretty remark!!!”  My heart sinks, and I hope my face doesn’t reveal my thought bubble words, and I smile and say “thank you, but you have to try them to appreciate the benefits.”

Here’s the thing my fellow Beautifiers – if you don’t use them. you won’t know the true beauty of sulfate and paraben free soap. I’ll admit that most of the enjoyment I get from making my soap is the look of the final product, but that’s not why I started this venture.  My personal need for a soothing soap came from years of itchy, dry skin caused by commercial soaps that would not be calmed by moisturizers alone.  The laundry list of chemicals, not to mention synthetic fragrances in most soaps you’ll see in your pharmacy and grocery stores are enough to peel the skin off an orange!

I do want to give thanks to everyone who tells me how pretty Beautiart Soaps are, and I am truly appreciative, but they’re not just for the decoration of your powder room, they’re for the delight of your skin! Use them up, treat your skin kindly, notice the difference a natural soap will make.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Keep the nice comments coming, I promise I’ll only have wonderful thought bubbles 🙂



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