Beautiart Soaps is TV’s Newest Soap Star!

Beautiart Soaps became the other kind of soap star when it appeared on WFMZ TV serving PA, NJ and NY. Thanks to YUBPR, a public relations firm that reached out to me after seeing my soaps on social media and asking if we’d like to be a part of the Holiday Gift Guide segment airing December 15th.  The focus was on local, handcrafted and natural products. I love that my glycerin and essential oils was mentioned! What fun that was, take a look!


Happy Holidays to all!

Diane 🙂

4 thoughts on “Beautiart Soaps is TV’s Newest Soap Star!

  1. Robin says:

    Hello Diane,
    The soaps arrived today and are larger than I expected. They are beautiful and beautifully presented. I’m really pleased to give them as gifts. Note to self: Treat yourself next! Honestly, you have saved me time and money, these artful soaps are perfect for my girlfriends, and, next, me. You’ll hear from me again; you made my weekend.
    Robin G.
    P.S. I love being customer #76, it’s so PHILLY!

    • Diane Dilemani says:

      Dear Robin,

      LOL, well Philly is what we’re all about! Thanks very much for letting me know how pleased you are with soaps you’re giving to your friends. I’m also very happy to hear that it made your life a little easier when gift giving! When it’s time to try them for yourself, there’s plenty more designs and fragrances to choose from! Thank you once again, your business is very much appreciated.

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